A group of 55 Jewish lawmakers from 22 countries gathered in Jerusalem for a consultation of the International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians, organized by the World Jewish Congress. Italian MP Fiamma Nirenstein, vice-chairwoman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, was elected as new ICJP head. READ MORE »
Luciana Berger, one of the youngest participants in the ICJP, says she is "keenly aware" of her responsibilities as a Jew. READ MORE »
January 12, 2006 The International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians (ICJP) has unanimously selected Congressman Gary L. READ MORE »
January 09, 2006 In an address to the International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians (ICJP) in Jerusalem on Sunday, Israel's deputy prime minister Shimon Peres said that the far-right and the far-left in Israel had become minorities, with most of the country united behind the vision of peace and security set out by prime minister Ariel Sharon. READ MORE »
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