The Quran burning “kills” two Americans. Burning sacred texts is an act of disrespect, but we can’t apologize to killers READ MORE »
New Libya - Old Libya on 2 March 2012
"Fruits of the Arab Spring; buds of hope. As we know, Kaddafi's Libya had been expelled from the UN Human Rights Council. This is a logical consequence of the Colonel's behavior. But in November, after the Libyanrevolution, the UN reinstated Libya to the Council. READ MORE »
Only Palestinians will not have their Arab spring, not even in its embryonalstage, i.e. messages criticizing their leaders on Facebook. READ MORE »
All the regimes rising from the ashes of the Arab Spring are desperately looking for help from the European Union. Italy is playing a generous role, as Giulio Terzi di Sant Agata, the Minister of Foreign Affairs recently demonstrated, in his recent trips. The same holds true for Prime Minister Mario Monti, who visited Libya. We have repeatedly explained to our readers that the current regimes are mainly Islamist, in spite of us having called them the "Arab Spring." READ MORE »
Whatever is written or said today on Remembrance Day will not put an end to anti-Semitism. By now, it's difficult to believe in the power of remembrance. This day has become like a mild tranquillizer; it may briefly soothe the European conscience that barely tolerates the crime of the Shoah. READ MORE »
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